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Washington Appeals Attorneys

Appeals are not like trials. You can't file an appeal simply because you don't agree with the jury's verdict or the judge's ruling.  In other words, the appellate judge can't find you not guilty after you were already found guilty.  

There are only two relevant issues on appeal:

1. Were there legal errors made during your trial?

2. Did those errors affect the jury's verdict or the judge's ruling?

Because appeals are not like trials, many lawyers (even experienced trial lawyers) do not typically handle appeals. Appeals are just different.

Zuanich Law specializes in criminal, civil, and administrative appeals in all courts across Washington.  

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Criminal Appeals

Sometimes trial judges make legal errors—before, during, and after trial. Sometimes police and prosecutors commit misconduct (either accidentally or intentional). Sometimes even your own attorney misses important legal issues or simply does a poor job defending you.

When errors happen, you may be able to get a new trial or (in some cases) get your case dismissed.

We handle misdemeanor and felony appeals in state courts throughout Washington. These include direct appeals, discretionary appeals, and collateral appeals in superior court, the Court of Appeals, and the Washington Supreme Court.

Department of Licensing Appeals

If you've been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in Washington, the Department of Licensing (DOL) will suspend your driver's license.

You can request an administrative hearing to challenge the suspension but the hearing officers generally rule for DOL.  You can, however, appeal your suspension to the superior court.  

We handle DOL appeals and will look for any errors in your case that we can use to try to get your license reinstated.

Family Law Appeals

Losing your case in family court can be life-changing. You may have received less spousal support than you thought you deserved or the judge may have unfairly divided your property following your divorce. Even worse, you may have received a bad child custody ruling or been denied custody altogether.

We will will work aggressively to overturn unlawful family court decisions that jeopardize your family's well-being.

Civil Appeals

We also handle a wide range of civil litigation appeals, ranging from personal injury to business law to civil protection orders.  

You also may have received an unfavorable jury verdict in a personal injury case or an adverse ruling in a business litigation dispute. Or a judge may have imposed domestic violence or anti-harassment order against you without a lawful basis.  We can help.   

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