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  • I am thankful to have reached out to Brian to handle a recent legal matter. Brian was quick to return my call and was willing to listen to my issue. I felt the price he charged for the work he did was very reasonable and the easy payment option right from his website made that part go smooth. I w…

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  • Brian did amazing. We all know how the courts work. They’re trash. He handled my case with ease and was persistent and proficient at getting the job done. Thank you.
    Attorney Note: Restored Client’s firearm rights in Mason County Superior Court.  Aug. 2020.  

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  • I used Mr. Zuanich to get my gun rights restored, He was very upfront about the possibility of being denied but after over 20 years, in just a few short months I now have my rights back.
    Attorney Note:  I restored client’s firearms rights in King County Superior Court in August 2020

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  • Brian is awesome. I’m not gonna mince words. My particular case had felonies in several different counties spreading across 20+ years ago. He handled my case with ease, kept me in the loop of proceedings and ultimately was successful in my restoration. The price was reasonable and he was very tim…

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  • I am the career skeptic and Brian was not spared a moment of my scrutiny. He handled everything in stride, including secure payment and updates on the case. I recommend this guy to pick up the sword to fight for you on any case, not just gun rights.
    Attorney Note:  I restored client’s right to o…

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  • From the first consultation Brian was honest and straight forward. At every bend and point of my legal journey, no matter how small my question was answered within 24hrs. Pre to Post trial procedures were clearly communicated to myself WITH COVID-19 happening. I highly recommend Brian for anyone …

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  • Brian was a great help in the gun rights restoration process. Things were taken care of efficiently with no unexpected expenses. I would highly recommend Brian.
    Attorney Note:  I restored client’s right to possess firearms.  King County Superior Court.  

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  • Great communication throughout process. No surprises. I am very happy with the customer service

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  • Brian and Zuanich Law exceeded my expectations. He was very responsive, candid, and super helpful in getting to a final outcome. Best of all, Brian estimated hours and hit that time on the spot. He actually threw in a bit of extra time beyond the initial complimentary consultation. I would consid…

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  • Before meeting with Brian, I had a different attorney. I am a general contractor and had a client who was refusing to pay me a substantial amount of money. My previous attorney had told me that pursuing the debt would be very expensive, and risky. For over a year I sat on the debt and tried to ge…

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  • Not only is Brian extremely effective, knowledgeable and understanding, but he is patient enough to walk me through the entire process and explain everything in great detail. Having an understanding of the process and an advocate so experienced with that process was of great comfort. If another i…

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