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Our job begins when the trial ends.

Sometimes judges and juries make mistakes. Prosecutors also make mistakes, and sometimes they commit serious misconduct. Even your attorney---your biggest advocate--makes mistakes.

You shouldn't have to pay for someone else's mistakes. In Washington, you have the right to appeal an unjust criminal conviction or an unfair civil judgment.

We specialize in criminal and appeals and other forms of post-conviction relief. We can also help you vacate your criminal conviction, expunge your criminal record, and restore your right to possess a firearm. 

Post-Conviction Relief

Your criminal record can have a crippling and far-reaching consequences--long after you get out of prison and finish probation.

You may have a hard time securing housing, joining the military, or traveling to Canada.  Maybe most importantly, you'll have a hard time finding a job.  More than 80 percent of employers run criminal background checks on potential employees.

We focus on clearing your criminal record.  This includes vacating your old convictions, erasing your criminal records, and restoring your firearm rights. 

Family Law

Nothing is more stressful than going through a divorce or fighting with your partner over who gets to spend more time with your children.  

You need attorneys who are skilled in navigating this emotional and legally challenging field of law.  We handle all areas of divorce, legal separation, and child custody.  We also handle international divorces and family law appeals.  Finally, given our business and tax background, we make sure to protect your financial interests.  

Personal Injury

Think back to the last time you were injured. Constant pain. Missing work. Doctor's appointments. Maybe you even had to go to the hospital.

If someone else is to blame, it's even worse. You're probably feel stressed and angry. The last thing you want to do is deal is medical bills and insurance companies. 

You don't have to. We'll deal with the insurance adjusters, we'll deal with the law, and we'll get you the money you deserve. You just focus on getting better. 

Business Law

Small businesses are the backbone of Washington's economy. We help corporations, partnerships, LLC, and sole proprietors get off on the right legal footing. 

We specialize in business formation, contract negotiations, regulatory compliance, tax issues, and corporate filings. 

We'll also help you resolve a wide variety of business disputes, including breach of contract, debt collection, business torts, and real estate disputes. 

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