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Our Fees

Many law firm websites have a page about their legal fees, but most aren't very helpful. They usually say something like this: 

"Every case is different. Our fee vary depending on your specific case. Please call our office and we can discuss your case in more detail."

There's nothing wrong with this--legally speaking. But it's not really helpful. 

You probably came to this page because you want some more concrete information about what a lawyer costs. And you deserve that.  

Contingency Fee Agreements

A contingency fee means you pay us a percentage of the money that we recover for you. 

If we don't get any money for you, however, you pay us nothing. No matter how much we spend on your case. There is zero financial risk. 

We use contingency fee agreements exclusively for personal injury cases. 

Download a copy of our standard contingency fee agreement. 

FAQ: Contingency Fee Agreements

Retainer Fee Agreements

In this type of agreement, you put down a deposit (like a down payment) to pay for agreed-upon legal services. 

We use a flat fee or an hourly fee agreement. A flat fee agreement means you pay a one-time fixed fee to cover the entire case. In an hourly agreement, we charge you hourly based on the work we actually perform, in addition to the retainer.

We use retainer fee agreements for appeal cases, motions to vacate judgment, motions to seal records, and all business and civil litigation cases.

FAQ: Retainer Fee Agreements

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