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Our Fees

We offer three types of fee agreements, depending on your case.  

Flat Fee Agreements

As the name indicates, you pay us a one-time flat fee that covers the entire case.

We typically use flat fee agreements for appeals and post-conviction relief cases, and some civil litigation cases.  

FAQ: Flat Fee Agreements

Hourly Fee Agreements

We bill you hourly for our services.  You also pay us an advance deposit (i.e. a down payment) to cover the first several hours of your time. 

We use hourly fee agreements for most of our civil litigation and business cases.

FAQ: Hourly Fee Agreements

Contingency Fee Agreements

A contingency fee means you pay us a percentage of the money that we recover for you. 

You pay us nothing, however, if you don't receive any money--no matter how much our firm spends working on your case.   

We primarily use contingency fee agreements for personal injury cases.  

FAQ: Contingency Fee Agreements


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