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Am I prohibited from possessing a firearm in Oregon?

You have the right to possess a firearm under the Oregon Constitution and the United States Constitution, but your right is not absolute.

Under ORS 166.250, you cannot possess a firearm in the following cases:  

  • You are under 18 years old...unless certain exceptions apply
  • You have been convicted of a felony in Oregon or been found "guilty except for insanity of an Oregon felony
  • You have been convicted of a crime of misdemeanor domestic violence
  • You are subject to a domestic violence protection order or an equivalent court order prohibiting firearm possession or ownership
  • You are subject to an extreme risk protection order
  • You have been committed to the Oregon Health Authority for mental illness
  • A court has determined that you are mentally ill and you are subject to a court order preventing from you from purchasing or possessing a firearm because of that mental illness
  • You are on court-ordered probation, including court-ordered supervision
  • As a juvenile, you were committed a criminal act that, if committed by an adult, would constitute a felony or a crime of misdemeanor domestic violence and less than four (4) years has passed since you were under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court

What is the penalty for unlawful possession of a firearm in Oregon?

Unlawful possession of a firearm is a class A misdemeanor, which is the most serious class of misdemeanor offenses in Oregon.  If convicted of a class A misdemeanor, you face a maximum possible penalty of 364 days in jail and a $6,250 fine.  

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