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How do I file a motion to reduce my felony conviction in Oregon?

The easiest way to restore your firearm rights in Oregon and clear up your criminal record is to expunge your felony convictions.  But some convictions cannot be expunged.  These include DUI and many drug-related felonies.  

There is another way.  You may be able to file a motion to reduce your felony conviction to a misdemeanor conviction, commonly known in Oregon as “felony reduction.”

ORS 161.705 sets forth the requirements and procedure for reducing your felony conviction.

1. Can I reduce my felony conviction?

In general, you can reduce any Class C felony and many marijuana-related felonies once you've completed the terms of your sentence or successfully completed probation. 

2. What court do I file my motion?

You must file a felony reduction motion in the court in which you were convicted of the felony.   

For example, if you were convicted of DUI in Marion County, you would return to Marion County Circuit Court to file your felony reduction motion.

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