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What happens after I file my lawsuit?

After you've filed the summons and complaint, the Court will process your documents and assign your lawsuit a case number. In most cases, the Court will then send you a “conformed” copy of the complaint and a case schedule.

A “conformed” copy of your complaint is date-stamped with the date the clerk's office received it and it now includes the assigned case number. (When you filed the complaint, you left the case number section blank).

The case schedule is a multi-page document that contains important information about the age. It tells you the trial date and the assigned judge and it sets out all the important deadlines. For instance, the deadlines for disclosing witnesses, filing motions, and exchanging discovery.

The case schedule is one of the most important documents—if not the most important—that you'll get from the court. Do not lose it.

How quickly you'll receive these documents depends on the Court but more importantly on whether you're allowed to file online. In King County Superior Court, because you can file online, you'll receive the case schedule immediately after filing. You won't receive a date-stamped conformed copy because the date you file is (by definition) the date the court receives it electronically.

If the court requires mail filings, you'll typically receive the case schedule and conformed complaint in the mail in approximately 2 weeks

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